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Section Chief

Jacob Ball

Vigil Honor

Jacob Ball is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Mowogo Lodge from Dacula, Georgia. He will be serving as your Section Chief this term. Outside of Scouting, Jacob attends the University of Georgia, where he studies civil engineering. During this term, he is excited to provide support to every lodge and organize fantastic events for them to participate in.
Fun Fact: Jacob is also a musician and marches with the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band, where he plays the trumpet.

Section Vice Chief

Emma Wright

Brotherhood Honor

Emma Wright is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood Honor member of Coosa Lodge from Oneonta, Alabama and will be serving as your Section Vice Chief this term. Outside of Scouting, Emma is a senior at Oneonta High School, where she is involved in SGA. Throughout this year, one of her main goals is to cultivate the training and programming at the ACT Conference and Indian Winter.

Fun Fact: Emma’s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.

Section Secretary

other headshot 2

Lindsey Mercer

Vigil Honor

Lindsey Mercer is a Life Scout and Vigil Honor Member of Egwa Tawa Dee from Douglasville, Georgia and will be serving as your Section Secretary this term. Outside of Scouting, Lindsey is a senior at Chapel Hill High School, where she helped found a Speech and Debate team and a Beta Club chapter. During her term, Lindsey strives to increase interactivity in her communications and to provide thorough and effective publications.

Fun Fact: Lindsey has been a member of Woodruff Camp Staff for 3 years, where she has taught over 10 merit badges.


                                                                       Adult Advisers

                                                                                      Section Adviser – Ken Barton

                                                                               Associate Section Adviser –Seth Hill

                                                                              Associate Section Adviser – Craig Rotter

                                                                                    Webmaster Adviser – Mike Bazonis