Section E6 is made up of the following lodges. To find your lodge visit
At the local level, lodges exist to serve BSA councils and individual units. Each lodge chief is a member of the section’s Council of Chiefs and is able to attend and vote at monthly section meetings. Sections work closely with lodges to provide support when they need it.

Alibamu Lodge

Tukabatchee Area Council, Montgomery, AL
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Jacob Y.
  • Lodge Adviser – Wes Crew
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Denise Miller

Aracoma Lodge 

Black Warrior Council, Tuscaloosa, AL
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Logan S.
  • Lodge Adviser – John Wayne Harris

Chattahoochee Lodge 

Chattahoochee Council, Columbus, GA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Bryson A.
  • Lodge Adviser – Bobby Childs
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Eric Linfors

Coosa Lodge 

Greater Alabama Council, Vestavia Hills, AL 
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Colton T.
  • Lodge Adviser – Don Schwarzhoff
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – David Self

Echeconnee Lodge 

Central Georgia Council, Macon, GA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Liam G.
  • Lodge Adviser – Lou Lilley
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Garrett Williams

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Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge 

Atlanta Area Council, Atlanta, GA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Michael C.
  • Lodge Adviser – Ryan Girard
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Kim Merry

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I-Tsu-La Lodge 

Coastal Georgia Council, Savannah, GA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Luke D.
  • Lodge Adviser – Phillip Humphries

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Ini-To Lodge 

Flint River Council, Griffin, GA
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Daniel A.
  • Lodge Adviser – Frank Harper
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Aaron Gluck

Mowogo Lodge 

Northeast Georgia Council, Pendergrass, GA

Lodge Leadership

  • Lodge Chief – Alex S.
  • Lodge Adviser – Rusty Royston
  • Lodge Staff Advisor – Phil Nichols

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Waguli Lodge 

Northwest Georgia Council, Armuchee, GA

Lodge Leadership

  • Lodge Chief – Jacob D. 
  • Lodge Adviser – Bryan Yockey

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Withlacoochee Lodge

South Georgia Council

Lodge Leadership

  • Lodge Chief – Adam K.
  • Lodge Adviser – Jeff Scott

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